Functional Nutrition, Hormonal Health Support, and Fertility Doula Packages

Start with a free Discovery call. This is meant to understand your needs and whether EFNW is the right fit. This call is not meant to answer nutrition or health-related questions.

Choose what works best for you. Choose how much time you’re willing to commit and how often you want to meet; if you’re not sure, we can discuss this on your Discovery call.

Not comfortable with virtual sessions? While we are a virtual-first practice, we do offer in-person options; we can also discuss this on your Discovery call.

We’re pleased to offer a 10% discount for students and military (identification required).

Our Packages

(approx. 3 months)
(approx. 4 months)
(approx. 6 months)
Elevate Concierge Membership
Consultation + Coaching
Total Number of SessionsWeekly: 11
Biweekly 7
Weekly: 15
Biweekly: 9
Weekly: 23
Biweekly: 13
INSIGHT Method Return of Findings Health Audit
Personalized Nutrition + Lifestyle Plan
Mix and Match across services (Nutrition, Hormonal Health Support, Fertility Doula, Guided Meditation and Breathwork, Full-Spectrum Doula Services)
Lab Tests
Lab TestsAdditional Cost1
(up to $500)*
(up to $1,000)*
(up to $1,000/mo or $3,000/quarter)*
Perks (``Gifts`` that are non-refundable)
Academy Access for Resources and Self-paced LearningAdditional Cost1
(up to $500)*
(up to $1,000)*
(up to $1,000/mo or $3,000/quarter)*
Drop-in Weekly Office Hours
Custom Meal Plans121 Per Month
Guided Meditation and Breathwork Sessions12Unlimited
Customer Recorded Guided Meditation11 Per Quarter
(4 Per Year)
WorkbookPrint or ElectronicPrint or ElectronicPrint and ElectronicPrint and Electronic
Guide Deck + Workbook
Welcome KitEssential Welcome KitElevated Welcome KitElevated Welcome KitElevated + Welcome Kit
Nourish. Cultivate. Thrive Boxes14
(1 Per Quarter)
Gratitude + Graduation GiftEssential G+G GiftElevated G+G GiftElevated G+G GiftElevated+ G+G Gift
Supplement Discount via Full Script10%15%15%15%
Add-on Product/Services Discount5%5%10%10%
Product ReviewsAdvanced AccessFirst Access
Exclusive Content
Exclusive Client Newsletter
Exclusive Content, Products, Events/Workshops
Unlimited Emails and Text Between Appts
Support Hour
(certain black-out periods may apply; those times will be communicated)
5 days, Mon-Fri
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
5 days, Mon-Fri
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
6 days, Mon-Sat
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
6 days, Mon-Sat
7:00 am - 8:30 pm
Support Response Times48-72 hours
48 hours
48 hours
24 hours, simple
48 hours, complex
Cancellation/Reschedule Period48-hour minimum48-hour minimum24-hour minimum12-hour minimum
Cancellation/Reschedule/No-Show Fee
(cancellation or reschedule fee will only apply if the appointment is canceled or rescheduled with less than the minimum time noted above; a no-show is when a client is more than 15-minutes late)
50% Session Cost50% Session Cost50% Session CostReduced; Waived twice every 6 months
Estimated ValueWeekly Sessions:
Biweekly Sessions: $2,921
Weekly Sessions:
Biweekly Sessions: $4,934
Weekly Sessions:
Biweekly Sessions: $7,450
Contact to Inquire
CostWeekly Sessions:
Biweekly Sessions: $1,530
Weekly Sessions:
Biweekly Sessions: $2,300
Weekly Sessions:
Biweekly Sessions: $3,340
Contact to Inquire


* Lab tests: Cost will be refunded if lab tests are not used.

Fertility Doula Clients: Package cost does not include birth and labor doula costs.

Wellbeing Support Services

  • Guided Meditation, Guided Breathwork, Reiki: $140 per session
  • Personalized Guided Meditation Recording: $80 per recording, includes a 30-min Get Acquainted session
  • Abortion doula*, Miscarriage/Loss doula, Adoption doula, Transition doula: Sliding scale, contact for support

* For confidential abortion doula support, please email [address] with “[TBD]” in the subject line or text [google voice number] with “[TBD]” as your first text.