A whole-person approach means recognizing that every individual’s health and hormonal journey is unique. Our all-inclusive, one-on-one packages include high-touch support and are meant to be customized to your specific needs, with a schedule that works for you. While we are a virtual-first practice, we do offer in-person options.

Every package includes:

  • Comprehensive 1-1.5-hour initial consultation; a Story session where you share your complete health history, goals, and more
  • Consistent virtual check-ins and accountability sessions; choose 45-minute sessions either every week or every other week
  • An INSIGHT Method℠ Report of Findings health audit
  • A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Unlimited email and text support between appointments (during business hours)
  • Optional weekly drop-in virtual office hours
  • Access to The Academy, our online learning resource
  • An exclusive workbook
  • A welcome kit
  • A G+G (gratitude + graduation) gift
  • Exclusive discount on supplements (through Fullscript)
  • Discounts on add-on purchases

Cultivate and Thrive packages also include tremendous Extras (aka perks)—check them out here. And, for the individual who wants unlimited access and the ultimate elevated experience, we have a limited number of Elevate Concierge Memberships available.

What Happens During a Consultation?

We start with a 1-1.5-hour Story session where we spend time listening to your health history, understanding your goals, and gathering a tremendous amount of information.

All of the information you provide is synthesized into an INSIGHT MethodSM Report of Findings health audit, including a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, which is reviewed with you. We’ll refine the plan together based on your priorities and what makes the most sense for your life.

From there, we start weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) coaching sessions utilizing The FrameworkSM to give you a fully supported, step-by-step path using the seven pillars of action to help you nourish your body and mind, cultivate balance and harmony, and thrive in your optimal health. As you progress, we’ll make updates to your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Some packages come with lab tests. Your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan will be updated appropriately based on those results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: EFNW believes that access to quality nutrition guidance should not be limited by your physical location; all our services are virtual, though we do see clients in person at our partner practice, Ritual Acupuncture, in the California Bay Area. Please understand that where you are located at the time of our consultations and coaching sessions determines our scope of practice.

At Elevate Functional Nutrition + Wellness, nutrition is just the beginning. We want to help you reduce chronic stress and navigate stressful life events with as much ease as possible. We offer several modalities to help you.

While we are a virtual-first practice, we do offer in-person options.

For details on each service please visit our Wellbeing Support services page.

  • Guided Meditation
  • Personalized Guided Meditation Recordings
  • Guided Breathwork
  • Reiki (available in person only in the California Bay Area; please schedule through our partner practice, Ritual Acupuncture, at [phone])
  • Full-Spectrum Doula Services: Abortion*, Miscarraige and Loss, Adoption, Transition Support. Full-Spectrum Doula Services are offered on a sliding scale; please contact us through the Scheduling page for information and support.

*For confidential abortion doula support, please email [address] with “[TBD]” in the subject line or text [google voice number] with “[TBD]” as your first text.