Wellbeing Support

At Elevate Functional Nutrition + Wellness, nutrition is just the beginning. We want to help you reduce chronic stress and navigate stressful life events with as much ease as possible. We offer several modalities to support your wellbeing.

Guided Meditation

These sessions are 45-55 minutes of pure bliss. We’ll start by understanding your goals, needs, and optimal learning style (some people love visual meditations, while others love sound—everyone is unique!). Each session includes breathwork and guided relaxation, culminating in a guided meditation. Everything is tailored to you; no two sessions are the same.

Personalized Guided Meditation Recordings

We can create a high-quality recording of a personalized guided meditation tailored to your goals, preferred style, and length. Need 10 minutes to help focus on non-attachment? You got it! Find 5 minutes between meetings to practice letting go? We got you. Have 20 minutes to cultivate confidence? We’re on it!

Guided Breathwork

These sessions are 30-55 minutes and focus entirely on your body’s connection with breath. We’ll start by understanding your goal, needs, challenges, current life situation, and key stressors. We’ll try several types of breathing techniques; you’ll select the one that resonates with you. Then, we’ll make sure you are thoroughly acquainted with it and prepared to use it whenever you need it in your day. These sessions may also include a guided relaxation.


These sessions are 1 hour and only available to clients in-person at our physical location inside our partner practice, Ritual Acupuncture, in the California Bay Area. Reiki is a modality that works to move energy around and through the body; it’s incredibly relaxing and a great option for individuals who experience stagnation or feel stuck.

Fertility Doula Services

Trying to become pregnant is stressful, and stress may often contribute to an internal physiological environment that makes it more difficult to become pregnant. We are here to provide education, support, and assistance as you navigate your fertility journey, to help ensure your nutrition and lifestyle are working for you—not against you. We know this may take time, which is why our Fertility Doula Services occur over months and address body, mind, and spirit.

Please note: EFNW provides birth and labor doula support for fertility doula clients for continuity of care. We do not, at this time, take individual birth and labor clients.

Full-Spectrum Doula Services

We offer emotional support, education, and a brave space for anyone needing support through: Abortion*, Miscarriage and Loss, Adoption, and Transition. All full-spectrum doula services are offered on a sliding scale and are fully confidential. In-person services are offered for anyone in the California Bay Area. Please contact us through the Scheduling page for information and support.

*For confidential abortion doula support, please email [address] with “[TBD]” in the subject line or text [google voice number] with “[TBD]” as your first text.