Intentional Nutrition

Intentional Nutrition is where functional nutrition, intuitive eating concepts, and digestion-focused Ayurveda meet: it’s how we think of food as the catalyst for wellness. It’s the core of our food-first foundation, but it’s only one part of our whole-person solution.

Elevate Functional Nutrition + Wellness (EFNW) utilizes the INSIGHT Method℠, The Framework℠, and a clinician-coach approach to create a highly effective and supportive path to nutrition and the journey to optimal health.

The INSIGHT Method℠ and The Framework℠ use the best of evidence-based practices including functional medicine, intuitive eating, motivational interviewing, meditation, breathwork, and Ayurveda to address the nutritional health and well-being of the whole person. That means viewing food, stress management, hormonal balance, sleep, movement, and meditation as essential tools to achieve optimal health, balance, and harmony.

The Framework℠ guides you through seven pillars of action for a fully supported, step-by-step framework where you’ll learn to nourish your body and mind, cultivate balance and harmony, and thrive in optimal health.

As clinician-coaches, we are committed to your success, providing continuous support on your terms.

Learn More about Functional Nutrition

The Institute of Functional Medicine describes functional nutrition as emphasizing “the importance of high-quality foods and phytonutrient diversity to address clinical imbalances and move individuals toward the highest expression of health.”

Extensive research has shown that diet and lifestyle are critical to one’s health. Nutrition helps power genetic expression, and the right foods may help reduce symptoms of chronic stress and disease.

Functional nutrition looks at the unique aspect of your background, genetics, physical environment, mental viewpoint, and lifestyle. With this information, we can create a nutrition guide best suited for your needs.

Learn More about the INSIGHT Method℠ and The Framework℠

EFNW’s vision is to facilitate the transformation of your wellness through personalized nutrition and lifestyle enhancements to achieve the optimal health, balance, and harmony that is unique to you.

Health is not just one single aspect of a person, but rather the unique combination of internal manifestations (genetics, hormones, etc.) and external environment or actions (sleep, nutrition, and stress). Creating an optimal state of health and balance is about much more than treating symptoms; it requires a lasting, whole-body approach.

The INSIGHT Method℠ provides a holistic, whole-person view of health that aims to help you discover the behaviors, predispositions, and beliefs that influence your state of being. Understanding the “Why” behind chronic symptoms is critical, but so too is how you reduce them to achieve a more balanced self. With The Framework℠, we use seven pillars of action to help you remove roadblocks to progress and give you tools for compassionate accountability as you learn to nourish your body and mind, cultivate balance and harmony, and thrive in optimal health. Through the lens of Nourish, Cultivate, and Thrive, we see that every action and every learning is connected and builds toward achieving your goals.