The Framework

Understanding the why behind chronic symptoms is critical, but so, too, is how you reduce them to achieve a more balanced self. With The Framework℠, we use seven pillars of action to help you learn to nourish your body and mind, cultivate balance and harmony, and thrive in optimal health. Through the lens of Nourish, Cultivate, Thrive, we see that every action and every learning is connected and builds toward achieving your goals.

  • Cultivating Belonging: This is the first step along the journey where we work to understand your goals, your current beliefs, behaviors, values, acts of support, acts of self-sabotage, and your relationship with food and how it may have or may not have shaped who you are. Many of these things lead us to feel like we don’t belong in our body or the spaces we occupy. It’s also where we begin to work toward claiming or reclaiming our spaces: Body, mind, breath, and the space in which we live (to the extent we can).
  • Conscious Substitutions: This step is designed to help identify small ways to start putting your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan into action; it’s also a key component to building confidence and early success. We’ll identify less healthful foods, personal products and habits that can be substituted for more healthful ones that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Compassionate Self-Confrontation: We can’t move through what we don’t confront (gently). We’ll start to work toward accountability, removing limiting beliefs, finding non-attachment and shifting the narrative.
  • Embodied Manifestation: Monks do it. Snipers do it. Surgeons do it. Yogis do it. They understand the important role their breath and breath-control plays in their body and stress states. Embodied Manifestation takes it further by synching body, breath, mind, and affirmation to help you build a more reflexively grounded state of being.
  • Time vs Energy: This step is designed to help you think about how much of your energy you invest in the things around you instead of being at the mercy of the hours in the day. There’s only 100% of any one person, but that 100% very likely looks different person-to-person. This will help you explore where you expend energy, time, and what 100% means to you; it also will help you identify if your current state is reflective of your desired future state, and how to get from your current state to your desired state. This is where you’ll really start to understand what your personal sense of balance is.
  • Intentional Trade-offs: Building on Time vs Energy, we’ll have a better understanding of where you want to spend your energy. Now, we’ll discuss the intentional trade-offs you may need or want to make and how to make them without self-imposed feelings of guilt or judgment. This is where intentional trade-offs lead to intentional harmony.
  • Rhythms and Rituals: Finally, we’ll look at your daily rhythms, circadian rhythms, morning and evening personal rituals, and more to see what actions/behaviors nourish and replenish versus deplete and defeat. We’ll look at the big picture to see how diet, lifestyle, activity, rest and rejuvenation intersect and are interconnected. We’ll also identify the steps of The Framework℠ that really resonated with you that you’d like to continue to carry forward versus what you may want to come back to as a tool in the toolbox when you need it.

These 7 pillars are structured to support the progression from Nourish to Cultivate to Thrive. We Thrive in optimal health, balance and harmony. But it’s all a spectrum. Thriving is not perfection; it’s having the knowledge, abilities and tools to use The Framework℠ to continue the work toward your version of optimal health.

Individuals will be at different places along their journey and along the optimal health and balanced spectrum. Not every individual will need to spend time in each of these areas, but all will be introduced to and experience each section. This is meant to be personalized to your unique needs.